Hey there. I’m Saahas Kumar, a sophomore at De Anza college. I always knew that high school wasn’t for me. The lack of an independent environment, real-world applications, and non-responsive and undifferentiated teaching added up to a lackluster learning experience that led to many personal challenges. Though high school was not a good fit, I still had a strong passion for learning, and eventually went on to complete my GED and begin college, which has offered the autonomy and creative thinking that better aligned with my strengths as a learner. I Started DropoutsCanWin because I feel that dropouts are severely misrepresented in our society. People think that we are inherently flawed, but in reality, most of us drop out for specific reasons, be it financial or intellectual. This is especially important to me, being from an Indian household where schooling is thought to be the end all be all to a life of success, which isn’t true. We redefine success here; and hope Dropouts Can Win will become a safe space where we celebrate our stories and experiences, as well as share resources that can help lifelong learners get the education or access the jobs they truly deserve.