Because a loss is often a precursor to a win!

We are creating a judgment-free platform for high school and college dropouts to share their experiences and challenges.


Dropouts Can Win is a soon to be 501c3 non-profit organization that seeks to empower high school dropouts by providing a space for them to build community with others who have transformed what many see as failure into success. We seek to offer understanding and grace for challenges inherent in secondary education and believe strongly that, with the right resources and information, most students can thrive both scholastically and professionally.

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Helping Hands

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet”



Bringing Change

Access To Information

Provide access to links and information that could be useful, such as tutoring support,

social-emotional resources, or scholarships


We Want To Help

Hold seminars or webinars to available resources to lower income families who will face disproportionate challenges without a high school diploma.


The Truth

Offer research and data on efforts being made in education to make learning fun, engaging, and inclusive for many students who don’t enjoy school.

You Can Succeed!

Share diverse success stories of people who dropped out of

high school


The Truth

We create a judgment-free platform for high school dropouts to share their experiences and challenges

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